May 05

Road Trippin’ with a bunch of Nissans

Ok Nissans aren’t usually our thing here at IG. However they have a great heritage of racing and fun driving. While some of the newer Nissans are a tad on the heavy side for our liking the older ones certainly capture the spirit of a great driver car. To celebrate all things Nissanness (yep made that word up) Some enthusiasts got together for a cross country road trip. There of course was some help from Nissan but that does not make it any less fun to drive across the country.
Nissan 300zx custom
I will warn the IG faithful there are some questionable paint combination, body kit and wheel choices in the photos that follow. However that’s how the fans of Japanese cars do it these days. However there are also some really classy 300ZX, 350Zs and others in this photo set too. Most importantly though this group of enthusiast are out hitting the road and driving their cars. That’s what they are made for! So in the spirit of to each their own let’s hit the jump for photos and a short video of their trip across the country in a celebration of hitting the open road!

nissan 370 with wing

custom 370 Z rear end


custom 370 Z

Nissan 350z custom

Nissan 300zx custom

Nissan road trip