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May 05

Road Trippin’ with a bunch of Nissans

Ok Nissans aren’t usually our thing here at IG. However they have a great heritage of racing and fun driving. While some of the newer Nissans are a tad on the heavy side for our liking the older ones certainly capture the spirit of a great driver car. To celebrate all things Nissanness (yep made …

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May 20

More From The Loafer’s Car Club Show: Dodge Dart GT, Mustangs, and Imports

Shelby GT500

With 300 cars at the show it’s no surprise I have a lot of material to post. I’m sure you guys won’t mind if I continue to do so. The weather for the show was great; as were the cars. In this piece we’ll take a look at a few convertibles like the sweet Dodge …

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Jul 13

Next Nissan Z to get smaller and lighter.

According to Inside Line plans are under way for a lighter, more agile, more efficient, and smaller Nissan Z. This is good news because the current 370Z is a bit of a pig. Sure on paper it looks good but it’s really not a great driver but more of a grand tourer. Which is fine …

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