Jan 22

2013 GT-R : Not so much of a bargain basement supercar

News today comes from Nissan, who says the 2013 GT-R is going to come in at 7k more than last year’s model. Yikes. That makes the base price of the new GT-R 97k. Add taxes, title, and options and you are well north of 100k. All of a sudden, the GT-R isn’t the bargain basement supercar fighter it once was. Remember when the GT-R launched, you could have one for 68k. So, in just a few short years, the cost has gone up nearly 30k!

Now, I don’t want to pick on Nissan here, because you really can’t find that much bang for that much buck anywhere else. The Z06 is approaching 80k now, and that’s your best bet, but it’s not as powerful as the new 545hp GT-R. The ZR-1, of course, is well north of 100k at this point too. Which begs the question, is cheap performance dead? I suppose that’s a topic for another day.


  1. Chris B.

    This weekend I went to an auto show here in Omaha, NE. They had a ZR-1 there and I noticed that the optioned-out price was 130K. Seems like it’s price is rising as well.

  2. Jason

    The ZR1 is no bargain either. It’s too bad prices have gotten a bit out of hand.

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