Feb 11

Down to the details: American Muscle

American muscle provides some of the best detail in all the car world. From shiny chrome badges to iconic lines there is something to see on every body panel. It’s no wonder these cars have become highly sought after and collectible. Like this awesome awesome Mustang. All I need to show you is this little piece of the car and you know instantly what it is.

Mustang grill

Keep on reading for more details from iconic rides.

One of the local guys brings out his awesomely restored mack semi truck. I think it has the coolest hood ornament.

You probably have atleast hear of Terlingua racing. I was fortunate enough to run into a special Terlingua edition Mustang at a show. It was swamped with people though and getting any real good shots was tough. I did manage to snap one of the trunk lid.

Toronado, FWD fury.

The judge provides all kinds of great details to look at. You can see all sorts of great things here, the ram air scoop, carb, and hood details. It’s awesome.

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The muscle car era provided all kinds of iconic names and terms. Like Cobra Jet. The Cobra jet is one of the iconic engines of the muscle car era. 428 cubic inches means if you see this badge it means business.
Cobra jet

The pursuit of catching just the right shot of the right detail is just one of the many reasons I love going out to shows. Stay tuned for more details as the week rolls on!