May 16

Driven: The Kia Sorento

Admittedly the Kia Sorento isn’t exactly the coolest and most desirable car out there but we can’t drive Lamborghini’s every day unfortunately. Not to mention most of you out there drive normal cars too and maybe you actually care what we think about them. Ok I doubt that but we will drudge on. This isn’t a test drive per se or a review but more of a quick driving impression.

When you are a small fish in a big sea like we are here at IG you sometimes take your test drives any way you can get them. In this case I met up with a friend who just bought a 2012 Sorento and she let me drive it to lunch.

The first impression of the Sorento is that it’s not very good looking. It’s a bit surprising really because I think Kia has done a nice job on their styling the last few years and they generally make decent looking cars. I think the Sorento’s problem is that it looks big and chunky from the front.

Inside is a different story. The interior is appealing at first glance with three big dials behind the steering wheel and nicely laid out controls on the steering wheel and dash. Everything seems very easy to read and reach but unfortunately it feels cheap. Everything is plasticy and hard. I generally over look interiors on sports cars but this is a family car meant for long trips on vacation and to little league games so I’d like to see a little more effort here. Of course this is where Kia is keeping the price down by giving you lessor quality materials inside.

The cabin itself is seemingly spacious but I found myself wondering where all the room is. The car is so big on the outside but feels quite claustrophobic on the inside. I will admit I’m a big man but the doors seem quite small and every entry point has a lip that just seems to be there to trip you up. Ingress and egress can be tricky.

The same issue comes up when opening the rear hatch. For whatever reason there is a lip around the whole stinking thing. I’m sure that’s not a problem for loading groceries but what if you wanted to haul something bigger say a small piece of furniture or boxes full of stuff? I could see it being a problem.

the Sorento drivers pretty nice. Let’s not make the mistake of saying it’s some luxury ride but it’s acceptable for it’s class. It’s quiet and reasonably comfortable although on medium to hard acceleration the engine makes a pretty awful racket. It’s certainly not an enjoyable noise and I can’t help but think they could have quieted that down some. However on normal cruising and light acceleration the Sorento is quiet and gets the job done. Steering feel is like that of just about any modern SUV. Light and disconnected but just fine for parking lot maneuvers.

I’d like to try a Sorento for a weekend on a little trip to get a better impression of the car, but my first impression is that it’s not bad for the money. You can get one for a little cheaper then it’s competitors but that discounted price shows in the quality of the interior and noisiness of the engine. I’d have to say I probably wouldn’t buy one with my own money, but if I had to drive one around I wouldn’t hate it either. It’s certainly easy to see why Kia is making headway market share.

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