Oct 13

The Ferrari F70, Successor to the Enzo to Debut in Detroit

When Ferrari announces a new hyper car it’s really big news. It’s also pretty rare that it happens in the US. According to Inside Line Ferrari will announce the successor to the Enzo, known as the F70 for now, at Detroit. America is a huge market for Ferrari so this isn’t a big surprise, but it still seems like Geneva would be the more likely launch site.

We have already discussed the F70 a few times here on IG. We specifically talked about its HYKers system. Details are still a bit scant. We do know it will weigh around 2,500 lbs. which is pretty light. It will have an all new V12 engine that rumors say will make 900hp, and will be made with lots of carbon fiber. At its launch the Enzo was arguably the greatest performance car of all time, so for the F70 to be a true successor it will really have to be something special.