Oct 15

Mopar Has Some Special Goodies For SEMA

Dodge and Chrysler’s parts brand Mopar has hotted up some cars for the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show this year. This is all because Chrysler is planning to produce around 24 special edition cars from now until 2014, which we’ll have more information on later. Until then hit the jump for pics of the SEMA show’s Dart, Ram, 300, and Charger.

The Dart pictured above is sporting carbon fiber, and aptly named “Carbon Fire”. It will also have aerodynamic enhancements, a satin chin spoiler, extra cockpit gadgetry, and a Katzkin interior.

The “Urban Ram” will feature a 392 Hemi from the 392 Challenger equipped with Mopar headers and exhaust. It will also have SRT brakes, a bed cover, and a more aggressive paint scheme.

The 300 “Luxury” will get coil-overs, a 3.91 rear, a Katzkin steering wheel, and a blue pearl tint coat paint.

The Charger “Juiced” – probably the most radical of the group – gets the Viper V-10 Mopar crate engine, which provides the Dodge Charger “Juiced” with the soul of a hot-rod by taking an already fast car and inserting an even more powerful engine. The Viper V-10 injects a venom-worthy boost of 650 horsepower into the Charger “Juiced”. The Mopar cold air intake and Mopar cat-back exhaust provide even more horsepower plus a menacing engine note, while the Mopar lowering kit tightens the ride and improves cornering.

There will be more vehicles to come later in the week but for now these will give you a taste of what we might see in the up and coming special edition vehicles from Chrysler.