Oct 15

White Hall Drag-O-Way Fun Cruise

The fall foilage is turning colors, the weather is getting a bit crisp, and the hills of West Central Illinois are filled with the sound of roaring V8s. It must be time for the White Hall Drag-O-Way Fun Cruise. This season’s cruise started in White Hall, Illinois, headed up to Winchester, then went over to the home of InfiniteGarage.com’s world headquarters in Pittsfield before finally heading over to the Lighthouse on the Mississippi River for a nice lunch. The rain turned a few away but over two dozen cars showed up for the run and they were rewarded with a good time and some improving weather by the end of the day.

Pictured above is one of my all time favorite hot rods. I always try to snap a picture or two of it when it’s out at a how or a cruise. I think you can see why my camera likes it so much. Plenty more goodness after the jump.

I met up with the crew in Pittsfield under some pretty rainy and dreary conditions. Everyone got out for a quick stretch and to jettison some excess fuel before heading on towards the river.

Between down pours I managed a quick shot of Dennis Cumby’s Nova. He and the Sheriff are standing in the background.

We finally made it out of the rain and to the river. As you can see a pretty nice line up of cars.

This Vette has such a cool paint job and to go with a nice hot cam. This car sounds as good as it looks.

The new Dodge Challenger taunts me. I want one but I have a bit of a love hate relationship with it. I hate that it weighs 4300lbs but I LOVE everything else about it. If you haven’t driven one you really gotta get out and find one to drive. I love seeing them out and about and they always sound great too.

I will wrap this one up with a post of the full group. They are a great crew and lots of fun to be around. I heard some great stories yesterday, one about a Karma Ghia and a GT500 I’ve been sworn not to repeat. 🙂 It’s nice that they let a guy who drives a sunburst orange supercharger four banger and runs some weird website about cars hang around them so much.

I’ll post a little more later in the week.

White Hall Drag O WAY