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Jan 10

2013-2014 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 at the Nurburgring

The Nurburgring is a place I am sure you have all heard about. That mythical 14 mile track in the Eiffle Mountains of Germany is the place where all the big automakers go these days to test their latest and greatest. So the SVT Performance guys would surely be no exception bringing their latest taken …

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Oct 21

Barry Apple Festival: Muscle Cars

Muscle cars and hot rods are kind of the meat and potatoes of the Infinite Garage diet. Whether it is the often over the top styling, bright colors, or the rumble of a great big American V8 it’s hard not to love them. I love the craftsmanship of a well built hot rod, but in …

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Oct 25

Ford’s SEMA Concepts

It’s finally Ford’s turn to unveil its new cars for SEMA. Today we focus on the Mustang of which Ford has several in store. From the V6 versions to fire breathing 750hp 5.0L V8s we are told there with be quite a variety at SEMA this year. Of course there will also be a whole …

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Oct 22

Louisiana Colorfest car show

This time a year is car show heaven in my neck of the woods because the weather is cool, the leaves are turning color, and everyone wants to get out and enjoy the local festivals and other happenings. This weekend saw no less then three car shows in the immediate area and several more with …

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Oct 15

White Hall Drag-O-Way Fun Cruise

The fall foilage is turning colors, the weather is getting a bit crisp, and the hills of West Central Illinois are filled with the sound of roaring V8s. It must be time for the White Hall Drag-O-Way Fun Cruise. This season’s cruise started in White Hall, Illinois, headed up to Winchester, then went over to …

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