Oct 22

Louisiana Colorfest car show

Charger RT
This time a year is car show heaven in my neck of the woods because the weather is cool, the leaves are turning color, and everyone wants to get out and enjoy the local festivals and other happenings. This weekend saw no less then three car shows in the immediate area and several more with in a short drive. It’s like automotive journalist heaven. IG was out in full force cover shows and this particular entry finds us at Louisiana, Missouri Colorfest on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River. It makes for an awesome location for a show because the town of Louisiana has a nice park on the river so show contestants can enjoy watching the various boats and barges go down river. So hit the jump and check out part one from this show.

Pictured at the top of the article is an awesome Charger RT. I had a great chat with the owner Rollie Lee, a retired small business owner in our community and he walked me through the car. It’s a real beauty and I’ll do a full feature on it down the road sometime. You may remember the car from our Barry Apple Festival coverage, however it is deserving of another closer look.

Corvettes, America, and Bruce Springsteen. Someone I was with at the show told me that this one pictures sums my life up. I suppose I love Vettes, America, and Springsteen so I’ll take it. Check out the awesome work under the hood here. Custom touches like this really set a car off.
Corvette Patriotic

A beautiful hot rod right on the river front.
sweet as candy

I’m always hesitant to use the phrase “rat rod” some people are offended by it, but I think that’s what this is. I hope this truck always stays this way, it’s perfect the way it is, but of course I don’t need to tell you that.
rat rod

I’m so used to seeing modern cars with those crappy autozone port holes stuck on them, it was so refreshing to see a car with the real thing.
land barge

You never know what friend of Infinite-Garage.com Neal Fansler will show up in. You can bet one thing, it will have a blue oval on it. Like this awesome Econoline pick up. Later in the week, we will see his GT500.
Ford Econoline pick up truck

I think this is the most perfect wheel/tire combination ever. So classy.
white wall tire

Some people really dislike tributes or clones. I understand why, but at the same time if you are going to drive it, you might as well have a clone because you sure the heck aren’t going to drive an original Superbird. So here is a REALLY nice tribute. It had all the right touches, fantastic paint, and I’m told it drives great too. We’ll see more of it later in the week too as by now you all know I’m a Mopar guy and Superbirds always have a spot in my heart.

That will wrap it up for today. This was a pretty nice sized show, so I’m sure there will be a part two in a few days, and a couple feature cars.