Oct 21

Barry Apple Festival: Muscle Cars

Muscle cars and hot rods are kind of the meat and potatoes of the Infinite Garage diet. Whether it is the often over the top styling, bright colors, or the rumble of a great big American V8 it’s hard not to love them. I love the craftsmanship of a well built hot rod, but in this day and age there is a good deal of craftsmanship that goes into restoring or modifying a hot rod. Of course a well kept original is pretty great too. So I thought today we would look at some muscle cars.


I’ve got a little something for everyone tonight but as you can see i thought we’d start off with a late model run Road Runner. The Road Runner is one of my all time favorite cars, if not my favorite. It was hard to get a great shot of this one which looks pretty original and could use just a little light restoration. However it looks quite cool the way it is.

The Chevy II is super cool. The early ones came in right as the muscle car era started up. Their small size coupled with a big engine makes for a great package.
Of course the Chevy II evolved into the Nova.
A Nova and a gasser, lots of power here.
Back to some Mopar power we find a cousin to the Road Runner in this Plymouth Duster. These are not real hot and heavy on the car show circuit just yet so if you are wanting some Mopar power for your stable you might want to keep an eye out for one. The price is probably still right enough you could make a heck of a driver out of one.

Of course a new breed of of muscle car emerged in the early 2000s when the big three got themselves into a bit of a horsepower war. Thus the modern day GT500 was born out nostalgia and new technology. The results are beastly.
We’ll finish this one off with a look at an amazing Vette. Such a fantastic restoration on this one. From paint to the interior there is not a flaw to be found.
Just a peak under the hood.

So that wraps up a brief look at some muscle cars.