Oct 19

Barry Apple Festival Car Show

It’s back to live action here on IG after I took the best part of this last week off to nurse a bum hand. It’s hard to type with a sliced up hand. However with my bandage slightly smaller in size now I can use four fingers to type on my left hand so it’s time to get back to what we do best which is bringing you photos of awesome old rides. This episode finds us back at the Barry Apple Festival Car Show on what was a cold and rainy autumn day in western Illinois. That didn’t dampen the spirits of the show goers and the quality of cars were pretty excellent.


Take this Hemi Challenger convertible above. It’s good enough to win any show in the country. Absolute top notch quality workmanship on this restoration and as you can see it’s a bit of a resto mod. I’ll do a full on feature on this over the winter but in the mean time just enjoy the awesomeness that is a 1970 Hemi Dodge Challenger Convertible.

We might as well take a look at a new Challenger while we are at it. The SRT-8 is a heck of a GT car.

The Ford Lightning is a popular truck in the show truck circuit. They clean up pretty well.
A little more Ford action, this one a bit more classic. Mustangs are always popular and this may be my favorite body style.
Mopar or No Car. The Plymouth Cuda always turns heads. This was restored to perfection.
On the complete opposite end of the spectrum is rat rods. This one from rusty zipper hot rods. That gave me a chuckle.
Look at this little Scamp.
Beautiful T bird.
Ford Thunderbird
I’ll end it with another Mustang. This one just an engine shot showing some serious fire power hiding up there in the form of a big Vortech super charger.

That will wrap up this Saturday edition, as always keep checking back regularly because you just never know what we will run across.