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Jul 21

The new Ford Mustang to make 435hp

In a world where the Hellcat Challenger is making 707hp 435hp seems down right pedestrian. However back here in reality 435 hp is pretty damn good. The 5.0L Coyote engine that Ford developed for the Mustang is certainly no slouch. Now we find out it will also put down 400lb-ft of torque. I gotta think …

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Dec 02

Meet the 700hp Saleen S351

Steve Saleen is back and in a big way. At the LA Auto Show Saleen showed a rendering and shared a few details of the new Saleen S 351. Of course 351 stands for displacement and we also know this engine is supercharged producing a gargantuan 700hp and 653lb-ft of torque. You will get 15 …

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Oct 25

Ford’s SEMA Concepts

It’s finally Ford’s turn to unveil its new cars for SEMA. Today we focus on the Mustang of which Ford has several in store. From the V6 versions to fire breathing 750hp 5.0L V8s we are told there with be quite a variety at SEMA this year. Of course there will also be a whole …

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Oct 10

Barry Apple Festival Part 2: Mustangs

Everyone loves Mustangs, even me. It is clear that the Mustang is the most popular show car out there because I swear you couldn’t throw a baseball at the Barry Apple Festival and not hit a Mustang. That of course is fine by me because while Mustangs are extremely common, Mustang owners are some of …

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Jun 19

Driven: 2013 Mustang GT

You might say that at Infinite-Garage.com we are a bit small time. It’s ok, we like it that way, our meetings usually occur over Xbox live while playing Forza and rarely involve any serious business. It kind of goes something like “what are you working on?” “an article” oh ok cool. Basically we are flying …

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