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Jan 09

The Carbon Fiber of a Koenigsegg-Video


Carbon fiber is every where and for good reason. It’s light and strong. With new manufacturing processes the price is coming down too. In the next five to ten years basically every car will have carbon fiber in it. For now it’s reserved for sporty type vehicles and of course hyper cars use it extensively. …

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Nov 27

Tech Tuesday: Disc Brakes

Another Tuesday another day to discuss the tech that goes into your cars. Today’s topic at hand is something not a whole lot of people think about until it comes time to replace them and that is brakes. Specifically disc brakes today. It seems simple, but there are all kinds of designs, materials, and things …

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Oct 10

Barry Apple Festival Part 2: Mustangs

Everyone loves Mustangs, even me. It is clear that the Mustang is the most popular show car out there because I swear you couldn’t throw a baseball at the Barry Apple Festival and not hit a Mustang. That of course is fine by me because while Mustangs are extremely common, Mustang owners are some of …

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Dec 18

GM working on a deal to bring Carbon Fiber to the masses

GM has partnered with Teijen to bring the widespread use of carbon fiber to every day cars.  As many of you know, carbon fiber is a strong, lightweight, composite material used in everything from body panels, to frames, and trim work.  It’s typically been reserved for high end sports cars, super cars, and luxury vehicles.  …

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