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Feb 12

Understanding brake efficiency: video

Brakes are just as important as horsepower. Sadly sometimes they are over looked when it comes to builds, however if you can not stop all those raging horses under your hood bad things are bound to happen. We have talked brakes before here on IG but probably much so then your average Joe the guys …

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Dec 13

911 GT3 Cup: Race Ready

Porsche is goin’ racin’ with the new 911 GT3 Cup. Made for the Porsche Mobil 1 Super Cup this track ready beast is how I think every car should come; with a stripped out interior, full roll cage, beefy engine, and a kick-ass suspension setup. Of course all of this comes at a huge cost …

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Nov 27

Tech Tuesday: Disc Brakes

Another Tuesday another day to discuss the tech that goes into your cars. Today’s topic at hand is something not a whole lot of people think about until it comes time to replace them and that is brakes. Specifically disc brakes today. It seems simple, but there are all kinds of designs, materials, and things …

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Sep 03

Preparing for a road trip

An automobile is the second most expensive purchase most people will make in their lives yet they are often the most mistreated. This can lead to break downs, blowouts, or even accidents if problems go unchecked so it is no wonder that America’s interstates are littered with broken down cars. Extreme hot and cold whether …

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Jul 21

Brakes: A Tech Article

Brakes are the first line of safety and control in your car. You never think about them until they are not there. Trust me, its not a good feeling. And there is no moment more eye opening than feeling the brake pedal fall to the floorboard with no pressure. Today I’m going to explain what …

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