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May 07

How a Turbo Works

With turbocharging becoming more and more prevelant in new car building I thought it might be a good time to rehash our old post on how a turbo works. Turbos are everywhere now and they aren’t just for horsepower. Turbos are being used to boost fuel economy and driving characteristics of small and big engines. …

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Mar 26

Tech Tuesday: Spark Plugs, more than you want to know

This week for Tech Tuesday we are talking about spark plugs. They start the fire inside your internal combustion engine. So hit the bump and find out more about this important part of your engine. Spark plugs ignite the air fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber. So let me run down how it works and …

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Mar 05

Tech Tuesday: How a Turbo Works

One of the biggest questions I get is how does a turbo work? It’s quite simple really, but it’s even more so when put into nifty video form. So we have a video on how a turbo works.   by  motoyen  So hit the jump for the video!

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Jul 21

Brakes: A Tech Article

Brakes are the first line of safety and control in your car. You never think about them until they are not there. Trust me, its not a good feeling. And there is no moment more eye opening than feeling the brake pedal fall to the floorboard with no pressure. Today I’m going to explain what …

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