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Feb 12

Understanding brake efficiency: video

Brakes are just as important as horsepower. Sadly sometimes they are over looked when it comes to builds, however if you can not stop all those raging horses under your hood bad things are bound to happen. We have talked brakes before here on IG but probably much so then your average Joe the guys …

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Feb 05

Tech Tuesday: Torsion Bars

Tech Tuesday has become quite popular here on Infinite-Garage so we’ll keep hammering away at it. Today we rejoin Caterham F1 with a topic on torsion bars. The great thing about this is that it isn’t specific to F1 cars and in fact is quite useful knowledge in all forms of racing. So what is …

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Oct 08

Caterham Superlight R600

Many of you probably know about Caterham, makers of super light track cars and road going kit cars. The super 7 has been a staple in Caterham’s line up forever. It’s retro looks, light weight, and open air cockpit makes for a heck of a driving experience. The R600 uses a Ford 2.0l supercharged engine …

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Apr 28

First Caterham SP/300.R Arrives in America

This will be of particular interest to Infinite-Garage’s own gentleman racer Chris, as it seems Caterham has finally delivered the first SP/300.R to the US. The Lola built chassis has been delivered to Dyson Racing. Here’s a quick video. Hit the jump for another video and the full press release from Cat. Source: Caterham, Dyson …

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Feb 17

Is a new Caterham in the cards?

Caterham has been growing ever popular in the last few years. It’s publicity from several segments on Top Gear to it’s new F1 team have brought Caterham from a bit of a car guys secret to the world stage. Now rumors are swirling that there maybe a new car to add to the line up. …

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