Oct 08

Caterham Superlight R600

Many of you probably know about Caterham, makers of super light track cars and road going kit cars. The super 7 has been a staple in Caterham’s line up forever. It’s retro looks, light weight, and open air cockpit makes for a heck of a driving experience.

The R600 uses a Ford 2.0l supercharged engine to make 279hp and power it’s 1,139lb chasis to 60 in under 3 seconds. Yep under 3 seconds. Of course the R600 is not street legal, but if history tells us anything we will likely see a street legal variant.

The Caterham R600 launches next year just ahead of a new Caterham specific race series which currently has 15 teams signed up to compete. If you want a Caterham you’ll probably have to get it imported. There are a number of “dealers” that will do that for you. Get out your checkbooks because to get one of these here you are going to shell out about $74,000.

Source: Caterham