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Jun 29

Nissan Concept 2020 Gran Turismo

The legendary racing game Gran Turismo revolutionized video game racing when it was released. Inspiring dozens of other racing series, GT Academy, and it’s own super car concept the games reach is far and wide. The idea behind the Nissan Concept 2020 Gran Turismo is to create the perfect super car. With the brilliant minds …

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Feb 18

The Mclaren 650S

McLaren have been making a lot of news lately. First with the P1 and now with the 650S. If you don’t know what the 650S is you aren’t alone. The good news is we have a big press release below with all the marketing fluff and info you’d ever want about the car. More importantly …

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Jan 09

The Carbon Fiber of a Koenigsegg-Video


Carbon fiber is every where and for good reason. It’s light and strong. With new manufacturing processes the price is coming down too. In the next five to ten years basically every car will have carbon fiber in it. For now it’s reserved for sporty type vehicles and of course hyper cars use it extensively. …

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