Oct 10

Barry Apple Festival Part 2: Mustangs

Everyone loves Mustangs, even me. It is clear that the Mustang is the most popular show car out there because I swear you couldn’t throw a baseball at the Barry Apple Festival and not hit a Mustang. That of course is fine by me because while Mustangs are extremely common, Mustang owners are some of the most prolific customizers out there so there is always something new to see. So follow the jump for lots of picture, and trust me this was only a handful of what was on hand. I may get to more this winter as car show season winds down.

So following in line with the top picture here is the engine bay of the SVT Cobra.

Shelby’s are not necessarily rare, but they are always awesome. This Hertz is pretty rare though.

These always clean up nice and I’m sure with that centrifugal under the hood and DRs.

A nice not so stock early Mustang

Back to the newer Mustangs. This one in Grabber Green Gotta have It Green is pretty sharp.

The newer Mustangs always look nice, this one is no where near stock and it looks cool.

With all the custom touches like these excellent carbon fiber mirrors this Mustang deserves its own feature. It was swamped with people and it was tough to get good pics so it won’t get it’s own feature for now. Maybe I can run into the owner down the line and hook something up.

Well I’ve bombed you enough with pictures for now. I hope you don’t have dial up internet. I’ll leave you with the engine bay. Pretty much stock. You know minus the supercharger and carbon fiber touches.