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Jun 19

Driven: 2013 Mustang GT

You might say that at Infinite-Garage.com we are a bit small time. It’s ok, we like it that way, our meetings usually occur over Xbox live while playing Forza and rarely involve any serious business. It kind of goes something like “what are you working on?” “an article” oh ok cool. Basically we are flying …

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May 04

Join the 11 second club from the factory with the ZL1 Camaro

That’s right, GM has managed to rocket the ZL1 through the quartermile in 11.93@116 with the auto trans Camaro. The manual trans managed a slightly slower 11.96@117mph. That’s impressive considering you have a factory warranty behind you. Well provided your dealer doesn’t know you are actually at the drag strip. Anyway, here’s a video of …

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