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Apr 11

We see a lot of Camaros

modified fifth gen camaro

I thought today might be a good time to do a best of post if you will. We probably see more Camaros then any car in our adventures attending shows and events. Mustangs are a close second, they may actually be first but I’ll do those another day. So today is all about Camaros, new …

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May 04

Join the 11 second club from the factory with the ZL1 Camaro

That’s right, GM has managed to rocket the ZL1 through the quartermile in 11.93@116 with the auto trans Camaro. The manual trans managed a slightly slower 11.96@117mph. That’s impressive considering you have a factory warranty behind you. Well provided your dealer doesn’t know you are actually at the drag strip. Anyway, here’s a video of …

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Apr 03

The News!

It’s been a while since we did the news here and it’s been a while since there was some actual news to report. Today however there are a few things you should know. Tomorrow we see the new Viper. Oh yes, we will cover that. There are some blurry renders and “photos” out there now …

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