Apr 11

We see a lot of Camaros

I thought today might be a good time to do a best of post if you will. We probably see more Camaros then any car in our adventures attending shows and events. Mustangs are a close second, they may actually be first but I’ll do those another day. So today is all about Camaros, new and old, stock and modified.

Up first something new and a little modified. Of the dozens of fifth gen Camaros that I have seen out at the shows this one is probably my favorite. White and black just go well together, especially when it’s subtle and well thought out.
modified fifth gen camaro

You can hit the jump for much more Camaro action.

Of course many of our readers prefer the older early examples of the Camaro.
First Generation Camaro big block

These first Gens clean up well too if you want to do a pro touring or pro street style. Of course just a nice restomod looks sweet.
first generation pro touring camaro

The new Fifth Gen Convertibles look great too. This one was at an event but not showing. I think it is certainly show worthy.
Fifth gen camaro

I like seeing the old and new side by side. Here was a great shot on the banks of the mighty Mississippi at a show last fall.
First and Fifth Gen Camaro

Hide away head lights are in serious need of a come back.
hide away head lights

A rather iconic hood
hood of a Camaro

Of course the new king of the new Camaros is the ZL1. I’ve driven one of these and they are monsters.
ZL1 camaro

This Camaro was for sale at a get together. I always wondered if it sold and what it went for. It looked like a great driver.

We can’t leave out the second gens in our little piece here.
trans am camaro

I’ll finish with a beautiful RS SS riding off into the sunset.
Camaro RSSS

Hope you enjoyed our look at Camaros. We’ll check out some other brands another day.