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Jun 25

Bugatti at the Nurburgring 24 hour race

Bugatti won’t be doing any serious racing any time soon. While the Veyron is a rocket in the straight line it’s quite fat and doesn’t handle that well. Still the French automaker likes to take the cars to big races and then grab your attention with big headlines like “Bugatti takes the lead.” Which of …

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Jun 09

The Nurburgring comes to Forza Motorsports 5 today for FREE!

The T10 goodwill continues with the Nurburgring heading to the Forza Motorsports 5. It’s out today and it’s free! You gotta love free. Recreated in laser scanned excellents the Nawsome will be in full HD glory for your racing pleasure. You will get three ribbons of track. The Nurburgring Ring test track which is 14 …

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Jan 12

Sunday Commentary: The January Thaw

I hope where you are today is experiencing the same warm temperatures that we are here in the Midwest. After what has to be one of the worst and most depressing weather weeks I can remember finally we catch a break. I bet the car washes in my area are loving this. Hopefully if the …

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Jan 10

2013-2014 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 at the Nurburgring

The Nurburgring is a place I am sure you have all heard about. That mythical 14 mile track in the Eiffle Mountains of Germany is the place where all the big automakers go these days to test their latest and greatest. So the SVT Performance guys would surely be no exception bringing their latest taken …

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Dec 06

McLaren P1 at the Nurburgring – Film Friday

What happens when an advanced alien race decides to build the ultimate car and run some laps on the Nurburgring?  I’m pretty sure the Mclaren P1 happens.  Sit back with your morning’s first cup of coffee and be amazed at the sights and sounds of the McLaren P1 as it artfully tackles the Green Hell.

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