May 31

Film Friday: Building a Morgan 3 Wheeler

Three wheeled cars are a little strange.  Perhaps the most prestigious example of three wheeled cars is the Morgan 3 Wheeler.  Hit the jump to see what goes into building one of these strange little cars.

Morgan 3 Wheeler

The British are a proud people with what can only be called a checkered automotive history.  Jaguar E-Types, Rolls Royce Phantoms, Aston Martin DB5: these are some of  the cars that have made the world take notice of the British automobile.  The Reliant Robin, Morris Minor, and any number of British Leyland products have tended to be slightly less than impressive.

Somewhere in between these extremes is the Morgan Motor Company.  With a history that spans more than 100 years Morgan has had an interesting existence with the various ups and downs that seems typical of British industry.

One of their more iconic cars is the Morgan 3 Wheeler.  In the video below, Johnny Smith gives us a look into what it’s like to build and drive a Morgan 3 Wheeler.