May 10

Film Friday: Lotus F1 vs Corvette ZR1

Alexander Rossi Drive the Lotus 49How fast is a modern sports car? How much faster is a F1 car? These questions are answered as GP3 star Alexander Rossi drives the 1967 Lotus 49 and a ZR1 Corvette around The Circuit of The Americas.

We all know that a modern F1 car is incomparable on the track. The question really is how much faster is a dedicated F1 car, albeit in vintage form, than a modern street legal track beast like a ZR1?

Road and Track stuck Alexander Rossi, American GP3 star and test driver for the Caterham F1 Team, behind the wheel of a vintage 1967 Lotus 49 and a current Corvette ZR1 and had him run laps at The Circuit of the Americas.

The results may surprise you.




I also dug up some bonus footage. ¬†Watching and listening to that Lotus go around the track gives the entire Infinite Garage team a fizzy feeling, the ZR1 isn’t too shabby either.