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Mar 03

Like a Rock: ZR1 Blue Devil can not be killed by a sinkhole

Cue the Bob Seger music because you can’t keep a good Chevy down. Like a Rock the ZR1 Blue Devil was pulled from that sink hole in the Corvette museum today and after a quick charge of the battery she started right up and drove off. Ok, there was more oil under the car then …

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May 10

Film Friday: Lotus F1 vs Corvette ZR1

Alexander Rossi Drive the Lotus 49

How fast is a modern sports car? How much faster is a F1 car? These questions are answered as GP3 star Alexander Rossi drives the 1967 Lotus 49 and a ZR1 Corvette around The Circuit of The Americas.

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Sep 22

Driven: Corvette Z06

The Z06 Vette is kind of a big deal. When it launched in 2005 it was a world beater. It was impossible to find anything short of half million dollar super cars that could perform like it. At that time the Z06 would run you around $62,000 which is an absolute steal for this much …

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Aug 25

ZR1 Powered Silverado

Truck guys are crazy, it’s just fact. If there is something crazy that can be done they will do it. Huge lifts, slammed to the ground, 6 inch pipes, you name it’s been done on a truck. Well it’s no surprise we find an LS9 stuffed under the hood of a Chevy Silverado. The fellas …

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Feb 13

Corvette and Chevy Expo. Part two!

Let’s take a look at the rest of the awesome cars from the Corvette and Chevy Expo.

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