Jun 10

First Generation Buick Riviera, your personal luxury car awaits.

The first Generation Buick Riviera is a stunner. It’s highly collectible these days and they are not very common. Their styling is highly regarded with Sergio Pininfarina saying “it is one of the most beautiful American cars ever built.” I agree and if you do not know what a 1963 Riviera looks like after this article you should be well acquainted.

1963 Buick Riviera

From every angle, inside and out this Riviera exudes excellence. It’s luxurious, sleek, sporty, and cool. It is what every car should strive to be. Coming from the factory with a 401 ci Nailhead V8 that pumped out 325hp it had plenty to get the job done under the hood. Make no mistake though, this is not a muscle car, but a personal luxury car. Meant to ride as well as it looks and that it did. 0-60 came in around 8 seconds, which by 1963 standard was alright and the quartermile passed in about 16 seconds. That’s on par with a lot of sedans today and this is on 1963 tires!

Again though, it’s not about performance so let’s take a look at the wonderful styling cues that make the Riviera oh so beautiful.

Buick Riviera head light

A look inside shows a bit of custom work in this Riviera. It’s very tastefully done and quite impressive.
1963 Buick Riviera interior
A close up look at that shifter.
1963 Buick Riviera shifter
All luxury with fantastic fit and finish back here.
between the seast 1963 Buick Riviera
Those look like Crager SS wheels to me. Not so stock.
Buick riviera wheels
Bringing up the rear of the Buick we see more elegant styling.
Buick Riviera rear end

I hope you enjoyed the first look at what will be several articles from the Wentzville, Missouri Cruise night.