Jun 11

When Vintage Racing goes really wrong

Vintage racing is pretty sweet, it gives us a glimpse of what it would be like to see classic racing icons go around a race track. Vintage racing is also inherently crazy. Safety gear is somewhat lacking in older race cars and there is a reason we have things today like roll cages, fire suppression systems, and HANS devices. Today we have a video that is a very stark reminder of when racing took some serious testicular fortitude.

vintage Bugatti crashing

This would be a good time to set up our video. You see Edmond Burgess is a vintage racer, he races his rare and expensive 1924 Bugatti Type 13 race car. How expensive you might ask? Well to the tune of $400,000. While participating in the Prescott Hill Climb in jolly old England the brakes on the Bugatti decided they did not want to work any more and the video below shows what happened next.

Fortunately Mr. Burgess was ok, he did have a helmet and goggles after all. So to all you kids out there remember, always wear your goggles.

Source: Barcroft TV on youtube