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Jan 17

Big Formula Ford Crash

Motorsports crashes are something you hope never happens but when they do it’s awfully hard to look away. Especially when they are spectacular and boy is this one spectacular. Take a few Formula Ford cars and put them on Phillip Island and when someone gets a little too aggressive in the turns big crashes happen. …

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Dec 19

We are back! What the hell happened here?

Well it’s been a good week and a half or more since we went down but we are back. Part of our problem is we are small, like two guys small, and we have a small budget, like your lunch cost more then our monthly budget. So until we can really expand and become world …

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Jun 11

When Vintage Racing goes really wrong

vintage Bugatti crashing

Vintage racing is pretty sweet, it gives us a glimpse of what it would be like to see classic racing icons go around a race track. Vintage racing is also inherently crazy. Safety gear is somewhat lacking in older race cars and there is a reason we have things today like roll cages, fire suppression …

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Apr 26

When burnouts go bad

Shelby cobra crash

We have all learned by now that money can’t buy brains or driving skill as countless drivers have proven time and time again on the youtubes. Today’s prime example a fella in a Shelby Cobra replica, thankfully not the real deal. If someone’s statement begins with “watch this” you know it’s going to end really …

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Apr 05

Film Friday: Vintage racing crash compilation, seat belts optional.

VIntage wreckage

I’m generally not one for watching crash compilations.  They just seem a little too morbid for my tastes. This video is a special case, it really shows how far we’ve come in regards to vehicle and course safety.  A word of warning for the squeamish, some of these crashes look like they might have been …

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