Dec 19

We are back! What the hell happened here?

Well it’s been a good week and a half or more since we went down but we are back. Part of our problem is we are small, like two guys small, and we have a small budget, like your lunch cost more then our monthly budget. So until we can really expand and become world famous (ha) we may have a hiccup now and then. So we crashed a server. Not like a fender bender, but a full on 200 mph into the wall over the arm-co, and into the harbor at Monaco crash. So everything had to be rebuilt and that took a long time because as it turns out our server people know less about servers then we do. vintage Bugatti crashing

I’m sure as we all explore the site we are going to find some things still broken so if you do shoot us an email and let us know. In the mean time our winter update is probably delayed a bit. We were hoping to have a nice shiny, simple, and new look to the site by Christmas but as it turns out we had bigger problems. We’ll get around to that soon.
VIntage wreckage
In other news we missed some news from the car world and I’ll work on a nice catch up post a bit later in the weekend. Glad to be back up and running and tell all your friends. WE ARE BACK!

In the meantime.
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