Dec 07

Miami Auto Museum

I’m not much on auto museums. Oh sure I’ll go but I like cars that get driven, and preferably driven hard. So that is kind of the opposite of what a museum is all about. However museums certainly have their place in showing us what original rides look like from the factor and to educate the none car public about cars. So that’s a big plus. Down in Miami they have a pretty nice museum that is growing rapidly with the acquisition of fifty new cars from a private collector. Not a bad score.
As always plenty more pics and some information on the Miami Auto Museum just after the jump.

MIAMI, Florida– The Miami Auto Museum at the Dezer Collection has created a special exhibition to share their latest acquisition. Nearly 50 classic cars were obtained from a private collector and are now on public display. Highlights from this new exhibit include:

1910 Ford Model T roadster
1924 Packard Single Six series 233 sedan
1929 LaSalle Series 328, 134”-inch wheelbase rumble seat convertible coupe
1930 Citroen C6 torpedo
1935 Cadillac Series 370E Fleetwood cabriolet
1938 Buick Series 80 phaeton
1938 Rolls-Royce Phantom III limousine by Park Ward
1949 Bentley Mark VI sedanca coupe by Hooper (originally ordered by the final Maharaja of Mysore)
1962 Chevrolet Corvette
1971 Mercedes-Benz 600 sedan
The majority of this new acquisition is now part of a special display within our 25,000 sq ft Dezer Showplace event space. These vehicles will have their own feature collection for a limited amount of time. Eventually they will be disbursed among one of the related eight galleries already established in the museum.

The Miami Auto Museum at the Dezer Collection (www.dezercollection.com) has something for everyone — from a family on vacation to the most seasoned auto enthusiast. There are exhibits devoted to Hollywood star cars, Batmobiles, and James Bond vehicles and collectables from around the world. But this is much more than just a celebrity car showcase. Featured within the eight exhibits are also military vehicles, European classics, microcars of the world, motorcycles, and a gallery devoted to an age when chrome and tailfins ruled the road. With about 1,200 vehicles on display and thousands of pieces of memorabilia, everyone can discover their favorite wheels at the Miami Auto Museum.

Source: Newspress USA