Jun 11

Wentzville Cruise Night

Sometimes the best car events are the ones I stumble across. That was Wentzville Cruise Night. I did not realize I’d be going to an event until I was at the event. It worked out great as you will see. The crowd was big, there were loads and loads of cars parked every where and cruising. From hot rods to muscle it was all here live and loud. It’s always nice when a town blocks off a street for me to take pictures of cars. Well ok, it was probably blocked off for the cars to cruise on but that did not stop me from taking advantage of an open and un used turn lane.

ford high boy roadster

So maybe you like your hot rods traditional like the hi boy above, or maybe you like your cars with a bit more muscle. Either way I have you covered in this installment. So hit the jump for some serious horsepower.

I’ve become a really big fan of the Chevy Nova since I founded Infinite-Garage. A small package with a big engine makes for some tire shredding fun. Not to mention some great looks.
Chevy nova SS

From behind, which is probably all most of us would get to see at the lights it’s a real looker too.
Chevy nova SS rear

They don’t write songs about Honda Civics and we don’t show those off here on IG either. GTOs on the other hand are always welcome on our pages.

Hot rods sleek and low always seem to catch the lens.
32 Ford rag top hot rod

mmmm. Look at the rear on that.
32 ford rear end

You know the Mopar guys were out in force.
Dodge Coronet

This car is beautiful beyond words.

Modern rides were a part of the gathering too. Like this crazy Chevy truck.
chevy sillverado on air ride

I can’t help myself. I’ll end it on a little more Mopar.
Plymouth Road Runner