Oct 11

Flat black Chevy goodness

Flat paint isn’t anything new although some people would like you to think it is, but despite not being new it’s rarely done well because it is hard. Flat paint will show every warp, stretch, nick, scratch, dimple, and dint in the body work so when it’s done right it’s something to see. Well this Chevy is done right.

The flat paint with the shiny grill and headlight bezels just looks right. I love the detail on the hood.

The engine bay is clean and tastefully done as well. Not too much shine not too much black either.

I love these old grills and badges. Just think of the miles that grill has seen. From this view there is also a little more look at the hood detail.

Classic cars don’t have to be old sports cars or racers to be cool. Who would have thought 60 years ago that this would make for an awesoem show car?

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