Oct 12

Is the Ford Focus RS Coming to the U.S. with 350hp?

We’ve never really gotten a hot Focus here in the US. We get an ST now and then but it’s not the same kind of hot hatchery that they have over in Europe. However, Ford is changing that as it tries to move all its products to a global stage. It’s really a big trade-off. Europe will see the Mustang and we will gain the Focus RS. Ok the Focus RS isn’t exactly a Mustang and it hasn’t been confirm here yet but it seems likely that we will get it. Finally.

So the Focus RS is made to compete with the likes of the VW GTI and with 350hp it will certainly out muscle the GTI. Heck it’s going to out muscle a lot of things, but the big question on the table is FWD or AWD. Well sadly the only AWD Ford has right now is the Haldex AWD system which is not exactly sporty or easily adaptable so it looks like we will be seeing FWD.

Now I know you are thinking blah FWD and I am too, but Ford says they can keep the torque steer down with a trick electronic differential. That might be fine for the torque steer but 350hp is a lot of power to ask the front wheels to work with. We will likely see the Focus RS as a 2014 model so stay tuned because details should be coming in the upcoming car show season.

In case you are wondering where all this info is coming from it’s basically a conglomeration of a Pistonhead’s interview with Len Urwin, some rumblings in Road and Track, and a decent inside contact at Ford. Full disclosure that at this point nothing is official.