Sep 12

Ford F100 panel truck

Wagons are cool, panel trucks are even cooler. We love things of utility that also have style and I think the 1956 Ford F100 panel truck fits that to a tea so when I spotted this one at the WHDOW reunion I knew I wanted to get some shots of it. I’m pretty sure when Ford produced the F100 they did not intend for it to be a show truck, little did they know a little blitz black paint, some killer green wheels, with a nice aggressive stance the results would be a real head turning.

Ford F100 Panel Truck

This model is a 1956 which apparently was a great year for panel trucks. It’s working days behind it, now it’s only job is to be cool. This Panel truck is Chevy powered and some of you will freak about that but let’s be honest it’s probably the cheapest easiest way to go. Plenty more photos after the jump.

I’m in love with these wheels. The color, the look, everything. Black and lime green go well together. I’m not real sure lime green is the correct color but I’d just call it awesome green.

Classy looking grill which is pretty much par for the course of the 1950s.
There is so much real estate here. Maybe we should consider one for the IG company car? What a great rolling advertisement.
One last pic of this beauty.

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