Sep 13

2,200 HP Saleen S7 on the dyno

Our import friends brag about 300 and 400hp, our Supra friends think their 600hp street machines and 1000hp dyno queens are cool. For Vipers and Vettes 1000 hp is a good start, but for our friends who own Saleens, well I guess you just need a few thousand horsepower to be cool. The truth is a couple hundred horsepower is very doable on a lot of engines these days with deep enough pockets and we don’t really get too caught up with dyno bragging rights here at IG, but there is something really cool about this video. I think it’s the lunacy of it all, and the insane sound, or maybe that it’s that even the camera man kind of decides to back off a bit as the car winds down.

Whatever it is that makes this video cool all you have to do is hit the jump to check it out. Hey it’s not every day you see a 2,200 hp Saleen S7.