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May 16

When dyno pulls go wrong

We’ve made it to Friday and I hope your week was a little less hectic then mine. I’m ready for a good Friday, watch a few videos, sit on the deck, look at the river, and enjoy a few drinks for my Friday evening. In the mean time most of us still have work to …

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Sep 13

2,200 HP Saleen S7 on the dyno

Our import friends brag about 300 and 400hp, our Supra friends think their 600hp street machines and 1000hp dyno queens are cool. For Vipers and Vettes 1000 hp is a good start, but for our friends who own Saleens, well I guess you just need a few thousand horsepower to be cool. The truth is …

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Jan 03

2013 Viper hits the dyno

SRT Viper on dyno

The folks over at Edmunds put the new 2013 SRT Viper on the dyno to see if this snake lives up to the hype. Turns out it does. I’ll let the video do the talking so hit the jump for the full video and be sure to check out what I think is the coolest …

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Dec 07

200hp riding lawn mower on the dyno

We know from our own resident Australian that Australian guys like big wonky crazy loud things. That’s why we like Australians. Well this Aussie has made a 200hp riding lawn mower with zoomies, Borg Warner rear end, 5L V8, and a 700R4 transmission. Yes the blower is fake, but the rest of it is very …

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Apr 12

Inside Line puts the Scion FRS on the Dyno

Inside Line has a video up on the youtubes with the new Scion FRS on the dyno. The car made 173hp @ 7000RPMS. Not too shabby. Source: Inside line via Youtube.