Jul 06

Fords, not Mustangs

It is very easy to get wrapped up in Mustang’s when we talk about Ford’s, but there are so many great other Ford’s that I thought I’d take the time to highlight a few of them tonight. Out and about at the shows I easily see Mustang’s more then any other car and after a while I get a bit numb to them all. It’s not that I don’t like Mustang’s, quite the opposite actually, it’s just occasionally a sweet Galaxy, Thunderbird, or Torino.

Ford Coupe

Of course there are always classic Ford hot rods. Thank Henry Ford for making millions of them which has given hot rod fans decades worth of blank canvases to practice their craft. So hit the jump for the other Ford’s.

Speaking of hot rods, how about this great Ford hot rod? Lot’s of details about on this well done beauty.
Cream ford hot rod

This sedan was great, I really haven’t come across a whole lot of them in my travels.
Ford Sedan
This 1950 Ford was a real show stopper at the Jerseyville Got Faith Show.
50 Ford
With a face like that who can forget the Edsel? This one was spotted at the Fulton World Auto Museum.
Edsel Ford

and of course the Torino which always looks classy.
Ford Torino
I will finish it off with a most excellent 1937 Ford truck. This was one of the nicer trucks I’ve seen in my adventures.
1937 Ford truck