Aug 30

Lancia Stratos on the street – Film Friday

Lancia Stratos
The Lancia Stratos a car that looks more like a spaceship than most spaceships.  We continue Film Friday with another video profiling a completely different kind of insanity.  Hit the jump for some glorious video of the Lancia Stratos.

Without a doubt the Lancia Stratos is one of the most insane cars of the 70s if not history.  Like the Buick Riviera we featured earlier today, the Stratos has bold and over the top styling but unlike the Buick the Stratos was built as a homologation special with the express purpose of dominating in international rally competition.

While few of us will ever be lucky enough to own suck a piece of Italian insanity we can take a quick peek at what the car is like, thanks to our friends at Petrolicious.

I simply couldn’t resist throwing in these pictures of some full on works models of the Lancia Stratos.