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Sunday Commentary: Labor Day weekend

September first has come and this year it means tomorrow is Labor Day. I get the feeling a lot of people have forgotten exactly why Labor Day exists so later on we will discuss that, but in the mean time we should do the week in review and talk about the upcoming fall car show season. Traditionally here in the US Labor Day means the end of Summer. While there is still plenty of great outside weather left the kids are back in school now, farmers will soon be hitting the fields to pull in the harvest, and football season is here. Fall in the Midwest means car shows and that is a good thing. It is one last reward of good weather before the long cold winter comes.
69 Camaro Convertible
Car show season kicks off in my neck of the woods with the White Hall Drag O Way Fifth Friday Cruise In. It’s a bit of a warm up for the White Hall Drag O Way Reunion which will be next weekend (September 7th). It’s the best small town car show you’ll ever attend so you should make plans to come out and enjoy the fun. I will do a preview of the show later this week.

Our week in review this week starts off not on Monday but Friday, with a pair of excellent films about some all time classics. First the absolutely bonkers Lancia Stratos. If you do not know about the Stratos be sure to follow the link to the video. It’s a great car with some crazy sharp lines and a racing heritage that is hard to over look.
Lancia Stratos

Our second short film for Film Friday is one of the meanest Buick Rivieras in the land. The first generation Riviera with it’s bold styling is an all time classic. So add a drop, and some sick wheels and you get something that is truly sinister.
1965 Buick Riviera

F1 Review
We love F1 and there is no bigger race on the F1 calender than Spa. The historic track provides amazing views, fantastic challenges for the drivers, and huge elevation changes. The result is an always entertaining race weekend. Our F1 recap is something you won’t want to miss.
Belgian GP

Corvette Vs Viper
The Corvette vs Viper war wages on with mass casualties to fans wallets. The good news is we have some great video featuring the sites and amazing sounds of the ongoing battle between these two titans of the American automotive landscape.

Wallpaper Wednesday
Wallpaper Wednesday this week comes to us from the salt flats of Bonneville. This awesome Coupe covered in salt makes for the perfect background for your computer.
Blue Coupe Bonneville

Labor Day
With Labor Day tomorrow I thought it might be important to talk about why Labor Day exists. It may come to a surprise to some readers but there was a time when days off, 40 hour work weeks, holidays, and benefits didn’t exists. A laborer was paid poorly, worked to death, and got nearly nothing for it. From the post Civil War period really all the way to now workers in America and across the world have struggled for a better life. Labor Day came about to celebrate the worker. Following the Pullman Strike where the US Army killed many workers all to protect the corportists at the Pullman company the US Congress was trying to quell the swelling anger in the country. They quickly enacted Labor Day which would be a holiday for all workers. Of course if we flash forward to modern America and with the quest for the all mighty dollar many again have to work Labor Day. It has become another day for stores to run sales and for people to line up to get a small discount on some piece of crap they don’t need. The Labor struggle indeed still continues here in America. Remember it is not a crime to want to make a good living doing an honest days work. So today if you are fortunate enough like I am to have the day off and plan to spend it with your family and friends take a moment to remember those who fought and often died to give us this day off, better wages, and benefits.

Hot Rods
This brings us to the hot rods of Summer. A short recap or best of you will of some hot rods we’ve had the pleasure to shoot recently. I though Monday was a good day just to dedicate to this type of post since Summer is over now and we head to the fall car show season.
orange hot rod

That will do it for this week. Get out there and drive something Summer is almost gone!
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Until next time keep it shiny side up!