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Oct 09

Wallpaper Wednesday: Hot Rods

Another Wednesday and another cool high octane powered desktop background to spruce up your computer. Today is a line up of hot rods from the Barry Apple Festival. If you think this is something you want for your desktop then hit the jump for two sizes of a hot rod wallpaper.

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Oct 05

Loraine Car Show

Another week and another small town car show. Small shows are great because the crowds typically aren’t as huge and the owners are more accessible. Such was the case at Loraine, Illinois which is a small town north of Quincy. I didn’t even know about this show until the day of it and as luck …

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Sep 23

WHDOW: wrapping things up

I could post another week or two’s worth of photos from the White Hall Drag O Way Reunion but the cold hard truth is I need to save some for winter when there are no car shows. Don’t worry though that doesn’t mean there won’t be tons of great original photos from shows coming. In …

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Sep 01

Sunday Commentary: Labor Day weekend

September first has come and this year it means tomorrow is Labor Day. I get the feeling a lot of people have forgotten exactly why Labor Day exists so later on we will discuss that, but in the mean time we should do the week in review and talk about the upcoming fall car show …

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May 09

Movie Review: The Hot Rod Gang

the hot rod gang

The Hot Rod Gang is a fairly obscure movie from 1958 exemplifying a bit of a romanticized look back at hot rodding, rock n roll, and street racing in the area. Featuring John Ashley, Judy Fair, and Gene Vincent the movie is a somewhat typical bad guy street racing on run from the law movie. …

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