Sep 23

WHDOW: wrapping things up

I could post another week or two’s worth of photos from the White Hall Drag O Way Reunion but the cold hard truth is I need to save some for winter when there are no car shows. Don’t worry though that doesn’t mean there won’t be tons of great original photos from shows coming. In fact the show schedule looks very busy for the next month so we will still be cranking out all kinds of great content. I’d like to take another chance to thank the guys at the WHDOW for putting on a great show, one you just wouldn’t expect in a small Midwestern town, or maybe it is something we should expect when a bunch of great guys get together with the power of small town business and ingenuity to bring on a great show for the community.


This installment will focus on a handful of hot rods that caught my eye. There was a great hot rod turn out at the show. Lighting conditions were tough at times though so some of my photographers were pretty poor so if a stellar hot rod didn’t make the cut this time around it’s probably my fault and I’ll catch them down the road some where.


This is just hot rod filth. (in a good way) I should slap a not safe for work warning on this post.

Timeless classic

I had a hard time shooting that one in the back there. It was sweet but with tough lighting and a big crowd sometimes you just miss a few. Don’t worry though, I managed to catch up with it a couple weeks later. You’ll see more of it soon.

Rat Rods are all the rage and this one is a real looker. I almost hate to call it a rat rod.


If you are familiar with the roadsters show you know what this is all about.


If you want more info on the WHDOW crew why not check out their website www.whdow.org
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