Sep 22

Sunday Commentary: Autumnal Equinox style, upcoming car shows

As I write this fall is falling across America as we have reached the Autumnal Equinox. I get a bit sad as fall approaches because it won’t be long before the winter weather settles in and all the cool cars go away until spring. However there is still plenty of great car action to come and in fact I just spent a great afternoon out at the Jacksonville Cruise Night car show in Jacksonville, Illinois. Beautiful weather brought out loads of cool cars and I was there with camera in tow. So you can bet this upcoming week will be filled with hot rods, muscle cars, and other assorted classic. Heck I even shot an import or two.


All that is for next week though, in the mean time it’s Sunday so let’s take a look back at the week that was filled with assorted photos of classic car goodness like that Awesome RS SS Camaro above. You real old school IG readers might recognize it as our first banner car. We’ve come a long way since then with our focus shifting from a hodge podge of new car car news, reviews, some show reports, and anything we could could our hands on to nearly 100% original content which is something not too many websites can say these days. We don’t want to just toot our own horn though because none of this would be possible with out all of you reading day in and day out and without all the great cars that we have the pleasure to photograph out at the shows, on the street, or who knows where.


WHDOW: The Generals Cars
This week end saw us winding down the coverage from the White Hall Drag O Way reunion. We hit it pretty hard this year and I still have some to show you but I’ll hang on to it for a cold winter day when we are all dreaming of hot rods and the open road. In the mean time you can enjoy what coverage we have had so far.
White Hall Drag O Way: General Motors
Chevy Yenko Nova

Virginia City Hill Climb
We mainly stick to America cars but we have some guilty pleasures like Z cars, Ferraris, Porsches, and the occasional MG. The Virginia City Hill Climb is our once a year chance to dip into something more exotic for a day or two and photograph some Italian stallions, and other cars that brave the hill climb. There are some amazing pieces of modern machinery out there and a few great classics too.
Virginia City Hill Climb
Ferrari Hillclimb
Wallpaper Wednesday: Back to Bonneville
Bonneville is a special place in the car world. A place like no other really. A place where the average guy can take his baby out and go flat out through the salt in the quest for that extra 10th of a mile per hour. It’s the Mecca of speed and every car guy owes it to themselves to get out there at least once. This week’s wall paper Wednesday post features the Salt City Coupe out on the salt flats. So if your desk top background needs some sprucing up head over there and get you a little piece of hot rod heaven.
Salt City Coupe
Salt City Coupe

Ford Anglia
I had a chance to shoot this awesome Ford Anglia at the WHDOW reunion and thought this week would be a good time to share it with you. One of the coolest Anglias ever no doubt.
The Meanest Anglia
Ford Anglia

Film Friday: The Viper’s Nest
Some guys and gals have all the luck and if your personal garage features over 65 Vipers you are one of them. Film Friday this week takes a look at a completely drool worthy collection of Dodge Vipers in the short film “Viper’s Nest.”
The Viper’s Nest

Upcoming shows
One thing readers have asked for was a calender of events. We are working on how to integrate that into the site more, but in the mean time I thought the Sunday Commentary might be a good place to put this. So here’s a list of events I hope to attend over the next few weeks. I hope you can make it out to them and say high.

-St. Louis Regional Airport Auto Show and Fly-In Batholto Illinois Saturday September, 28th
-Barry Apple Festival Car Show: Barry, Illinois Sunday October 6th
-Louisiana Colorfest Car Show: Louisiana, Missouri Saturday October 19th
Early Tin Dusters, Quincy, Illinois, October 18-20

That finishes out this weeks edition of the Sunday Commentary. Keep tuning in for more of your favorite classics.
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Until next time keep it shiny side up!