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Sep 15

Sunday Commentary: Feels like Fall

The weekend is here and nearly gone and while I try to steer my head away from thinking about Monday I can’t help but notice a decided nip in the air this morning as I sit on the porch and write the Sunday Commentary. In fact it’s quite cool. It let’s me know that the …

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Jul 13

Big Classic Cars

Every one looks back and thinks all those old classic cars were so big and heavy but the fact is cars like the Chevy Camaro, Dodge Challenger, and Ford Mustang were quite small back then compared to their bloated counterparts. Just imagine how fast those new ones could be if they weren’t so fat? However …

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Jun 14

Players Classic @ Goodwood

Classic cars are our thing here at IG even though from time to time we bring new car news, what we really love to see are the old cars. We mainly stick to the American variety as that is what we have access to being headquartered out of the Midwest but sometimes we reach out …

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May 09

Movie Review: The Hot Rod Gang

the hot rod gang

The Hot Rod Gang is a fairly obscure movie from 1958 exemplifying a bit of a romanticized look back at hot rodding, rock n roll, and street racing in the area. Featuring John Ashley, Judy Fair, and Gene Vincent the movie is a somewhat typical bad guy street racing on run from the law movie. …

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Feb 22

Film Friday: Retro Car Kings

film friday 911

Tonight’s Film Friday Feature is Retro Car Kings. The film is about Japanese custom builders and restores doing what they love. The result is some amazing creations. If you love classic cars, vintage racing, and craftsmanship you gotta see this one. It features Datsuns, Alfa Romeos, Porsches, Nissans, and tons of other spectacular classics. Hit …

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