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Mar 22

Film Friday: Never Enough Alfas

alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo owners are some of the most passionate and enthusiast of all car groups. This is all with good reason as they are some of the most interesting and beautiful cars of all time. Today thanks to the gang over at Petrolicious we have a look into one unique Alfa Romeo collectors soul. As …

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Feb 22

Film Friday: Retro Car Kings

film friday 911

Tonight’s Film Friday Feature is Retro Car Kings. The film is about Japanese custom builders and restores doing what they love. The result is some amazing creations. If you love classic cars, vintage racing, and craftsmanship you gotta see this one. It features Datsuns, Alfa Romeos, Porsches, Nissans, and tons of other spectacular classics. Hit …

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Feb 14

Alfa Romeo 4C

Alpha Romeo 4c

The Alfa Romeo 4c has been highly anticipated for a long time now. We can see why. Beauty like this is rare, especially in a car designed by a large car company whose job is to homogenize everything to be basically like everyone else. This is not like everyone else. This is a stunner. Details …

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Dec 13


This is the first in a series of light technical articles by Michael Adams. We will endeavour to post at least one of these per week. If you have a specific topic or car component that you’d like to see discussed / explained, please let us know. If you’ve been following the V8 Supercar Car …

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Dec 09

The all new Dodge Dart

Dodge is back with yet another “new” car with a classic name. This time, its the Dart that will be bastardized. reused.  I don’t want to be too harsh on Dodge though, because I understand they are struggling and also have to work with their mother company, Fiat. Speaking of which, the new Dart is …

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