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Nov 08

Winter is coming. Is your car ready?

     It’s that time of year when the leaves change color and everyone starts wearing sweaters.  The sun is still shining, here at Infinite Garage’s luxurious west coast offices, but cooler weather is on it’s way.  Hit the jump for a quick checklist to prep your car for the upcoming sweater weather.

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Jan 26

Porsche 918 RSR Hybrid Flywheel

When Porsche unveiled the 918 RSR Hybrid Supercar concept, the world was fascinated with the idea of a true performance hybrid. The 918 uses an electric motor in each of the front wheels. We know what you’re thinking. You probably think that the car runs each of these motors from a battery that is charged …

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Jan 23

Mercedes’ ABC Suspension

A lot of people refer to the suspension on the current S-Class as “airbag suspension”, but that’s an inaccurate description. The Active Body Control(ABC) doesn’t employ an airbag at all. Mercedes Benz deputed ABC on the 1999 CL-Class. But what exactly is it? With the ABC system, the car sits on 4 fairly ordinary looking …

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Dec 31


Okay, let’s talk about the Intercooler. Possibly the most argued about, and misunderstood, car component there is, short of the humble blow-off valve (which we’ll discuss another time). The internal combustion engine that we all know and love is known by industrial engineers and science-types as a heat engine. The torque that a car engine …

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Dec 20

Dry Sumps

Browse around some forums on the net and you’d think that dry-sumps were sent from hell to complicate the lives of car fans. It’s stupid they say. Why would you want to complicate your lubrication path they say. Let’s see what dry-sumping a car is all about and find out why you’d bother.

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