Oct 05

Loraine Car Show

Another week and another small town car show. Small shows are great because the crowds typically aren’t as huge and the owners are more accessible. Such was the case at Loraine, Illinois which is a small town north of Quincy. I didn’t even know about this show until the day of it and as luck would have it I was available so I loaded up my gear and headed out.


One of the first cars I saw when walking up to the show is this sweet 1968 two door Chevy Impala. This might be my absolutely favorite style of Impala. Of course this one is not exactly stock but it looks great.

Hey how about a big Nova with a blower. That’s pretty sweet.

In case you didn’t know what a C6 Vette looks like here’s a prime example.
A couple Fords lined up here looking nice.
This was one awesome Bel Air.
Dinner any one?
It’s no secret that the Dodge Challenger is my favorite new muscle car. This one with some aftermarket wheels and a great sublime stripe on the black looks awesome.
Lots of custom touches all over the car like these vintage looking tail light covers.
I think T Buckets are so cool. They are largely exposed so you can see details. It takes some really creative attention to detail to make one of these look right and this one does it all just right.