Sep 28

Mazda’s I-Activesense technology.

Mazda has a history of innovation and pushing new technology and it seems now that they intend to take their efforts to the safety arena. Safety is good, I know we as car guys often complain about the added weight and added costs but at the end of the day it is nice to know you are protected in the case of an accident.

Mazda calls their new technology package i-activesense which will use cameras and milliwave radars to keep the driver informed on what is going on around the car. A key part of this package will be a what they call Mazda Radar Cruise Control (MRCC) which uses radar to adjust the speed based on a car in front of you. This is similar to the technology Mercedes pioneered some ten years ago.

Similar to the MRCC is a forward warning obstruction system which can warn drivers of a rapidly slowing vehicle or other obsticle on the road in front of them. There is a similar system on the rear of the car for backing up. Tied into these systems is a blind spot warning system which alerts the driver of any other vehicles in their blind spots as well as a lane departure waring system which warns a driver who hasn’t signaled that they may be drifting into another lane.

Mazda also plans to implement a High Beam Control System (HBCS) to automatically dim lights when a car is coming from the opposite direction to reduce blinding other drivers. This will be coupled with a headlight steering system which allows the headlights to turn with the steering wheel to help drivers see around corners.

The Mazda 6 will also get smart braking technology which will apply the brakes when an obstruction is detected in front of the car and the car is traveling over 9mph. City brake assist will work at speeds under 19mph and apply the brakes when a collision is imminent completely stopping the car.

All of these technologies of course are not particularly ground breaking or new, but hey are new to the segment. Now incase you are worried that your new Mazda 6 will be saddle with all of these the i-activesense package is an option here in the states for now……