May 24

Film Friday: How to – Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is the most glamorous and prestigious Grand Prix on the F1 schedule.  Every driver wants to win at Monaco.  Nelson Piquet, who came in second place multiple times, claimed that a win at Monaco was worth two anywhere else.  Perhaps he was right; hit the jump to learn the secrets of the Monaco Grand Prix from two of the greatest F1 drivers.

Monaco is the slowest and most technical course on the Formula 1 calendar.  With a history stretching back to 1929, the Monaco Grand Prix is something special in the world of motorsports.

With relatively minor changes, in the interest of safety, the Monaco Grand Prix circuit is a piece of history and for a modern Formula 1 driver it is like stepping back in time.  There are no run off areas, the track is narrow, the penalties for a mistake are dramatic and F1 cars have been too “fast” for the circuit for at least 30 years.  It’s no wonder that every F1 driver views Monaco as the ultimate test.

Flat Out: Monaco Teaser 1 from Alex King on Vimeo.

How does one win at Monaco? Watch as Graham Hill, the most dapper gentleman in Formula 1 history and five time winner of the Monaco Grand Prix, describe the best way to navigate the treacherous circuit.

Now we take a quick look at what it’s like to drive a lap of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit during the golden years of Formula 1

Five wins at Monaco is an amazing feat that has only been accomplished by two drivers: Graham Hill and Micheal Schumacher.  The great Ayrton Senna was somehow able to win six times, a feat that is even more amazing when you consider that five of those wins were consecutive.

Ayrton’s approach to driving was slightly different to Mr. Hill’s but even in his transcendental state of supreme oneness with the car Senna wasn’t without fault as this clip from the Senna documentary shows. The Monaco Grand Prix has no regard for even the greatest of driver’s.

If you haven’t had a chance to see the Senna documentary you really should.  It is an amazing look into the life of one of the greatest and most controversial Formula 1 drivers of all time.